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   Peter finished 14th at World Championships in Saitama/Japan with a total score of 211.92

   Peter made an impression at the Olympic Winter Games, skating a stunning short and a solid free.
   With a combined total of 239.87 he finished in 8th place.


   23/01/2014 Peter finished 6th at European Championships with a total score of 225.76

   15/12/2013 Peter wins his 5th national title with a total score of 227.84.


   Dear fans, two more competitions are over, one of them was my first GP event of the season. I was able to
   repeat my former accomplishments from Bratislava and thus am content with my performance in Nice and
   Beijing. I did reach my goal to reintegrate the quad toe into my program. I managed to do a nice 4T in Nice
   and in Beijing as well during the free skate, even though the jump was downgraded in Beijing (which I personally
   cannot understand.). I am especially happy with those jumps since at had been some time since my last clean
   quad in a competition. I didn't have that much stamina in the last part of the program in Nice but could still beat
   the olympic norm of 204 points and also earn a few points for the world ranking list!
   The competition in Beijing however was something completely different. My first Grand Prix after a three year break
   was a real challenge that was a lot of fun for me. Despite one or two minor mistakes I'm happy with my overall 
   performance and 7th place overall. I also earned some points for the world ranking list. To skate among such a great
   field of skaters is a great  honor and a great joy for me and makes me look forward to my second Grand Prix Event
   in Moskau by the end of November!
   Yours, Peter

   03/11/2013 Peter finished 7th at ISU Grand Prix Cup of China with a total score of 200.80

   28/10/2013 Peter achievend with a brilliant long program in Nice on 4th place with a total score of 211.59.

    Dear fans,
   the season has started and I participated in my first event in Bratislava (SVK).
   With a good performance, I was able to place third, which is a nice and great
   result. As the quad toe is still a bit inconsistent, I opted for a short program with
   a solid triple-triple combination and the program was almost clean. In the free
   skating I was able to land all jumps cleanly except for the quad toe. Overall I
   held back a little in both programs and I left some points on the table in my spins.
   However, I am satisfied with my overall performance. My summer training has
   paid off and I was able to lay a good foundation for the season.
   At the same time, this competition counted towards the Olympic qualifying
   modus of the German Skating Federation. With a total score of 217.58 points I
   easily met the criteria of 205 points and therefore took another important step
   towards Sochi.
   Now I am looking forward to Nice next week and to the Grand Prix in Beijing in
   two weeks, where I want to confirm and even improve my performances.
   Thank you very much for your great support!
   Yours, Peter

   09/10/2013 Photos Ondrej Nepela Trophy have been added

   06/10/2013 Peter finished 3rd at Ondrej Nepela Trophy with total scores 217.58

   08/09/2013 Photos test skate in Berlin have been added

   In early April I mounted a new short program with Lori (Nichol) in Toronto
   to "Clocks" by 2Cellos, ft. Lang Lang and a new free program with Shin (Amano)
   to "Who Wants To Live Forever" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit", performed by
   David Garrett. Both programs turned out to be beautiful and I enjoy working on
   them. We also continued working on the artistic aspects and technically on the
   wrong edge on the flip as well as on the rhythm on the entry into the quad toe.
   Especially the latter is going quite well already and I am confident that I will get
   the quad more consistent.
   Following that I returned to Berlin and worked really hard. In order to improve
   my conditioning I am now training a lot on inline skating frames that I had fixed to
   old skating boots. It feels like skating on ice and you can do almost everything with
   them. I did a single Axel, double toe and double Salchow with them already! But
   mostly I am doing three to four interval runs at seven minutes each like speed skaters
   as cardio training.
   Additionally I started to take professional ballet lessons one month ago.
   The Olympic Training Center in Berlin used a cooperation program with the
   Berlin State Ballet and established the contact to their ballet master, Tomas Karlborg.
   This training is a lot of fun!
   I am very excited to have received the Grand Prix events in China and Russia.
   Sincerely yours,


   30/03/2013 Photos World Championships have been uploaded 

   Dear fans,
   Worlds is over and so is the season. Therefore it is time for a review. I can be very pleased with the
   World Championships as I fulfilled all my goals. I was able to secure a spot at the Olympic Games for
   the German Skating Federation and at the same time I assured myself two spots on the Grand Prix.
   Obviously I don't know yet which ones I'll get, but I am very happy! It was very important to me to deliver
   my best at the end of the season and I was able to do that with two clean programs. I was able not only
    to land all my jumps but also to perform all spins and step sequences the way they were planned.
   The whole World  Championships went smoothly from the very beginning. It helped a lot to be able to
   prepare in the Cricket Club in Toronto.
   A big thank you to the Cricket Club! It was a big help that besides my coach Viola Striegler, also my
   choreographer Shin Amano was there for me.The Championships were well organized and it was fun
    to skate! The season as a whole was very positive. As I was injury-free during the summer I achieved
   important goals and improved in many aspects, although there is still a lot to do for next season.
   I celebrated my first international victory in Graz (Ice Challenge) and followed up with a second
   one in Vienna (Hellmuth-Seibt-Memorial). So I was able to collect important world ranking points for
   next season. Taking my fourth National title in Hamburg was another highlight. I am looking forward
   already to the 2014 German National Championships in Berlin and hopefully will win my fifth title
    "at home"! The only setback came at the European Championships in Zagreb,
   unfortunately. I totally messed up the short program. Although I was able to rally back with a good free
   skating and reached the top ten, my minimum goal, I have to improve a lot on this for next year. It was
   even nicer then that Worlds went to well following an intense preparation. I ended the season on a high
    note and it gives me a lot of new motivation to continue this way in the next season.
   A big thank you to my coach Viola Striegler, to my choreographers Lori Nichol, Shin Amano and
   Andreas Fischer, to my fitness coach Uwe Hüttenrauch and my psychologist Veit Klenner for a
   great season!

   As we know, after the season is over the next one begins. So I'll return to Toronto on March 31 for
   two weeks. Together with Lori Nichol I'll work on a new short program and with Shin Amano on a new
   free program. Then I'll train hard and hopefully will be injury-free over the summer. Everything else will
   be sorted out during summer!
   A big thank you to you, fans, as well. I hope to see you next season again!
   Sincerly yours, Peter

   17/03/2013 Peter finished 11th (216.84) at World Championships

   17/02/2013 Peter won at Hellmut Seibt Memorial, Vienna

   16/02/2013Interview in Oberstdorf

Dear Fans,
   though a little late, here is my evaluation of Euros in Zagreb.
   Sadly, the SP was a little ditsy. 4Toe was only given 70 per cent by the technical specialists, 
   something that I personally didn't fully agree with. After a very well done triple axel I slipped
   at my triple Lutz and couldn't help it anymore. I don't know exactly what happened. Anyhow,
   shortly after the short program competition I realised I had to attack, because there wasn't
   such a big difference in points up to 10th place. Thus I started with lots of positive energy into
   the freeskate. My coach and I decided shorly before the freeskate started to not try the quadruple
   but present a clean program instead, which I then did. I was really satisfied with my performance!  
   And then I had to wait.I was even more excited as in my program and in the end  it was enough
   to reach 10th place. I'm really happy about that, even though I'm not so satisfied with my overall 

   Still, I look forward to Worlds in March. I will train with Lori Nichol in Oberstdorf from Feb.11th 
   until Feb.13th once again and work on the short and then compete from Feb. 15th until Feb.16th in 
   Vienna at Helmut Seibt Memorial. And after that I'll go to Canada for the week before Worlds on 
   March 3rd. I will use the time I spend there to adjust to the time zone and to work with my
   choreographer Shin Amano. And of course I'm hoping for a great admosphere there in Toronto,
   together with Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernandez to kind of infect me and take this energy with
   me to Worlds.
   Best wishes,
   Yours, Peter  

   29/01/2013 Photos German Nationals, Icegala Bolzano and Europeans have been added

   26/01/2013 Peter finished 10th at European Championships

   Dear fans,
   I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful christmas time and a few happy days with your loved ones.
   Luckily I was able to give the most wonderful christmas present to myself this year by claiming
   my fourth German national title. Even though I am not entirely happy with my skating, I am still
   very happy I got the title. In between the christmas holidays and nw year's day I will be participating
   in some gala exibitions in Regensburg, Bozen and Obestdorf. And then time flies until Euros.
   I hope I can tye in with my previous success this season. I also hope you all continue to keep your
   fingers crossed for me! Thank you very much for your support!
   Yours, Peter

   23/12/2012 Peter wins his 4th National title!

   11/12/2012 Peter took Bronze at NRW-Trophy in Dortmund/Germany

   26/11/2012 photos Nebelhorn-Trophy, Cup of Nice, Berlin Championships and Icechallenge Graz have been added. 

  Well,my first competitions are over and I think it's time to dare a first review on the beginning of the season.
  Up til now I am very happy with the results, especially with the results from Nizza and Graz, of course.
  But the Berlin championships went well, too. Of course I am most happy about my first win [of the season]
  that I could skate to in Graz. After there were a few minor things not fitting well in Oberstdorf at
  Nebelhorn Trophy I could really continously improve myself and skate solid programs at my last three competitions
  in Nizza, Berlin and Graz.
  Now it's time to slow down for a few days and then get back up and on to new challenges. I look forward to Dortmund
  and, of course, to German Nationals in Hamburg, where I would like to defend last year's title.
  Thank you for your wonderful support!
  Yours, Peter

  12/11/2012 Peter won at Icechallenge, Graz

  03/10/2012 Peter finished 10th at Nebelhorn-Trophy

  I finished my lab internship for university. In the past eight weeks I had an intersting job in the lab
  and  on the one hand I'm a little sad that it is over because I enjoyed it very much. On the other hand,
  I am happy to be able to fully focus on training again.

  I sincerely want to express my thanks to the team of Proteome Factory AG in Berlin Adlershof for
  making this great internship possible. Especially I want to thank Prof. Dr. Christian Scheler,
  Prof. Dr. Steffen Prowe and Mr. Gert Wenzel from the Beuth Academy who made it possible for me
  to attend the internship in spite of my workload as an athlete. They arranged for me to combine my
  internship and training the best way possible.

  During the internship, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about my future profession by conducting
  different experiments and to collect valuable experience for my further studies.

  In the photo section you'll find a few pictures that show my work in the lab.

  Now I am going on full speed towards the start of the season at Nebelhorn Trophy! I am looking
  forward to this and I hope you'll continue to support me as wonderfully as you have done before.

  Sincerly yours,


08/07/2012 Photoshoot Vattenfall

15/06/2012 I successfully completed the my course with the German army and I am currently in Toronto for three weeks. I am working on my new short program with Lori Nichol and we decided to use music from the "Alexander" soundtrack. We'll start with the actual choreography next week. Until then we are working on my free skating which I will keep. For the next season, we want to exploit the full potential of this beautiful program.

15/06/2012 The Vattenfall Group, one of Europe's largest generators of electricity, has become a partner of the German Olympic Sports Confederation in 2011 and is also collaborating with the National Olympic Comittees of Sweden and the Netherlands. In these countries, Vattenfall established a "Team Vattenfall" and right now is sponsoring 40 athletes. In Germany, eight athletes that already have achieved a certain success, are sponsored. The partnership between the Vattenfall Group and the German Olympic Sports Confederation will continue until 2016 and includes the 2012 Olympic Summer Games in London, the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.
Peter has been appointed to the German team and is sponsored.

I23/04/2012 Photos The Hague and European Championships have been uploaded

02/04/2012 Peter finished 20th at World Championships

16/032012 Having this last test before Worlds was the right thing to do. This season I was only able to skate in a few competitons because I started late into this season. Thus it was important to skate to gain stability and get into a competition feeling. I'm satisfied because the changes we made paid of. I can see a rising tendency and we have two weeks left ahead of us, so we can continue to work a few minor things. I will skate the programs in training to continue skating on the level that I am currently doing in practice. As a result. they will get more stabile. I also still have some reserve left to skate my best at Worlds.

13/03/2012 Peter finished 5th at Challenge Cup, The Hague

22/02/2012 Peter will compete in International Challenge Cup 2012, The Hague/Netherlands
08 -11 March, 2012

29/01/2012 Peter finished 15th at European Championships

17/01/2012 Photos "Stars und Sternchen" and German Nationals have been uploaded

17/01/2012 Hello dear fans,
the German National Championships took place in Oberstdorf on January 6 and 7. I was able to defend my title and the hattrick is complete! ;) I am pleased with my performances, especially in the short program. I missed two jumps in the free skating, but overall I am happy with how the program has developed. I am very excited to be back and doing as well as I did after my long injury break!
Now I am looking forward to the European Championships in Sheffield and hopefully I'll skate as well as I did in the short and a put out a free skating a little stronger than at Nationals. I have started to prepare already and I'll be working hard during the next two weeks.
Congratulations to all German skaters who qualified for Europeans as well. I wish the whole German team the best of luck!
See you soon!
Sincerely yours, Peter

15/11/2011 Photos Open Championships Berlin have been added

12/10/2011 Peter's new free skating is set to "The Resistance" and "Hurt" by Luka Sulic & Stjepan Hauser. These two are two Croatian musicians who arrange and perform rock music in a new way using cellos

25/09/2011 I'll be in Toronto until October 9 and I will mount my new free program together with Shin Amano and I will polish my short program with Lori Nichol.

11/09/2011 I am pleased to tell you that the doctor gave the go-ahead and I am allowed to practice fully again. I already did my first jumps on ice! I a very optimistic about being back to full training during the next weeks and to be able to compete soon. I am planning to fly to Canada end of September as originally scheduled. Yours, Peter

27/07/2011 Finally I am able to walk without crutches again and I'm starting full rehab now. I'm even allowed to get on to the ice step by step, but at the moment I can just skate carefully. I'll have another CT examination in two weeks to control the healing process. In any case, I am very optimistic!

Yours, Peter

10/06/2011 While working on my new free program in Toronto, I broke the sacral bone in my lower hip. Right now I have to lie in bed and it looks like that I'll be off the ice for several weeks. I hope to be healthy in time.
Yours, Peter

31/05/2011New interview in German

09/05/2011 Photos Worlds in Moscow have been added

28/04/2011 Peter finished 15th at World Championships

15/04/2011 As a result of Worlds being moved I will not participate in the sargeant's training course of the German Army in Hannover. Instead, I will take part in a course in Sotnhofen in Bavaria from May 10 to June 1. During this time, I'll train in Oberstdorf several times.
Sincerely yours, Peter

28/03/2011 Monday (March 28) I'll start to train intensively for Worlds. My plans for the year got mixed up now as I originally was scheduled to take part in an eight-week training course of the German army starting in April. Obviously I was exempted from that now. The situation in Japan is very sad and my thoughts are with the victims of the catastrophy and their families.

Sincerly yours, Peter

31/01/2011 Photos German Nationals have been uploaded

31/01/2011 Peter finished 11th at Europeans

10/01/2011 Peter won German National Championships!

25/12/2010 Merry Christmas and my best wishes for a pleasant and restful Holiday Season! Yours Peter.

19/12/2010 Photos "Stars und Sternchen", Berlin have been uploaded

The first four competitions of the season are done! Now it is time for drawing some interim conclusions. Overall I'm pleased with the performances in the first competitions, especially with those from Oberstdorf and Nice! They showed me that I have made a lot of progress and they are a result of my good and, most importantly, injury-free preparation. The decision to get my programs done in Canada proved to be right one!he two Grand Prix events in Beijing and in Paris continued the trend but at the same time showed that there are still some deficiencies which I will work on now. Most of all, I need to improve the consistency in the second half of the free program and the second triple Axel. After a first analysis in Paris with my choreographer Shin Amano and my coach Mrs. Striegler, we've identified these shortcomings and developed a concept to minimize them.Now I'm looking forward to the Christmas time that I will use to prepare the best possible way for the German National Championships in Oberstdorf!I wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!Sincerely yours,Peter

18/10/2010 Photos Show JGP Dresden have been uploaded

17/1072010 Peter finished 4th at Coupe de Nice

03/10/2010 You can find a new interview on

27/09/2010 Peter finished 3rd at Nebelhorn-Trophy, Oberstdorf

13/09/2010 Starting in October, Peter will study biotechnology at the Beut Technical University in Berlin

13/09/2010 Schedule is updated (Peter will compete at Cup de Nice and at Icechallenge,Graz)

17/08/2010 Photos Show in Oberstdorf on August 6th have been uploaded

05/07/2010 Choreographer Elisa Siegmund currently is participating in a Canadian-American internet contest for young choreographers. The jury consists of former top skaters including Kurt Browning. Elisa asked me to perform one of these choreographies for her and I agreed right away. By the way, Kurt Browning awarded her choreography 4 out of 5 stars which was the highest rating given so far. Here you can look at the video: YAS Challenge.
Enjoy! Sincerely yours, Peter

My short program has been finished now as well. Lori (Nichol) and I put together a great and challenging program. I went to Ahlbeck for a few days to attend an athletic training camp which was a lot of fun. Now the game plan for June is practising my programs. I'd like to go to Canada at the beginning of the season to polish both programs once more. Most likely I'll attend the summer training camp in Oberstdorf, but the date hasn't been determined yet.

Sincerly yours, Peter

16/06/2010 Grand Prix assignments are out and Peter has been assigned to Troph�e Eric Bompard, Paris from November 26 until 28 November 2010.

The practice over here is going really well! I've learned a lot already. We've finished the free skating. The music choice, by the way, is the soundtrack of the most recent Sherlock Holmes movie. Now we're starting the short program. So there is enough left to do for the last week. I had the past weekend off and was in New York from Friday to Saturday. It was great! Greetings from New York, Peter

Shin Amano will be responsible for my new free program. He is a coach in Toronto and I've known him for many years. He is also a technical specialist, and therefore I think that I made a good choice. The short program will be done by Lori Nichol. She is coaching Patrick Chan and has done programs for many other top skaters. The music hasn't been finalized yet.
Sincerely Yours, Peter.

21/04/2010 Peter will train in Toronto, Canada, from May 1 to 25. He will change both short and free program. During the preparations for the upcoming season, Peter will focus on choreography, consistency and endurance.

27/03/2010 Photos World Championships have been uploaded

26/03/2010 Peter finished 25th at Worlds in Torino

08/03/2010 Peter won in Oberstdorf

19/01/2010  Schedule changec! Peter will compete in DEU-Pokal Oberstdorf instead of Bavarian Open

03/01/2010  Photos German Nationals have been uploaded.

02/01/2010  Peter will compete at Bavarian Open, Oberstdorf 28-31 January

28/12/2009 photos German Nationals have been uploaded, more as soon as possible

28/12/2009 Peter finished 2nd at German Nationals

12/12/2009 photos "Stars und Sternchen" have been uploaded

02/11/2009 photos Finland and Paris have been uploaded!

31/10/2009 Peter finished 10th at Trophee Eric Bompard

26/10/2009  Peter finished 8th at Finlandia Trophy

08/09/2009 photos training camp Oberstdorf have been uploaded

07/09/2009 Peter won the Olympic qualifcation in Kapfenberg/Austria

26/08/2009 interview with Peter on

20/08/2009 schedule has been updated!

15/07/2009  Peter's injury has completely healed by now and he has resumed practising the jumps. He is hoping to be selected for Nebelhorn Trophy as the additional German skater (not the one competing for the Olympic qualifying). Peter has chosen a new free program to a modern version of music by Ludwig van Beethoven, performed by electric guitar. He is looking forward to the Grand Prix, but he doesn't know yet in which other competitions he will participate. At the end of July, Peter will take part in a training coursey for one week in Oberstdorf.

30/03/2009 Photos Europeans and AEGON added

27/03/2009 Peter finished 25th at Worlds

08/03/2009 Peter finished 5th at AEGON Challenge Cup, Hague

29/01/2009 Photos TEB Paris have been uploaded. Peter will compete at Worlds in LA

22/01/2009 Peter finished 15th at Europeans

22/01/2009 Photos Silvestergala have been uploaded

19/12/2008 Congratulation to German Champion!

30/11/2008 in the press:

30/11/2008 Peter finished 10th at NHK Trophy Tokyo

13/11/2008 Peter will perform at NHK-Trophy, Japan!

13/11/2008 Peter finished 6th at TEB Paris

19/10/2008 new interview has been added!

05/09/2008 photos from "VBKI Vereinsfest" have been added

15/07/2008 photos from practice in Berlin have been uploaded

04/07/2008 Hi there, I'm doing very well right now. I had another surgery on my right knee in May as the pain wouldn't go away completely in spite of taking Cortison. Now everything is ok and I'm working on my new programs. Other than that, I passed my final school exams in June and achieved a grade point average of 2.0, which is good for me. I got very positive impressions from Worlds although my performance wasn't as good as at Euroepans. I had a good and enjoyable experience that will be very helpful in the years to come. My plans for now are building up a new short and free program. I'm currently planning to attend Bratislava (Ondrej Nepala Trophy) as my first competition to prepare for Paris (Grand Prix Trophee Bompard) in the best possible way. After that I'm planning to compete in some smaller events, before going to Nationals where I want to fight for the title. Peter

14/06/2008 Grand Prix: Peter will compete at TEB Paris/France

05/06/2008 Article in English by JB Mittan ( been added

More potos from the Europeans have been added - many thanks to Susanne!

DEU Pokal Dortmund:
Congratulation for gold!

03/03/2008 Peter will take part in the shows in Ravensburg and Bad Liebenzell:

24/02/2008 Heiko-Fischer-Pokal:
Congratulation to Peter for silver in Stuttgart. The result you can find here

European Championships: Peter landed the quad toe for the first time in competition! He also reeled off a triple Axel, triple flip, triple Salchow-triple toe combination as well as another triple toe, a triple loop and a double Axel-double toe combination. He only stepped out of the triple Lutz. He received a level three for two of his spins and a level two for the other spins and the two step sequences. Thanks to his strong free skating, Peter moved up from 21st after the short program to 13th overall. Thus he and teammate Clemens Brummer, who placed 14th, secured two spots for the German men for next year